She who plants, plants happiness and hope for tomorrow.

Welcome to BELLA’S BLOOM world of greenery. Plants, like people, require love and care. We focus on air plants (aka Tillandsias) because of their amazing resilience to harsh environments, making them easy to care for.  Air plants are great starter plants for those without a green thumb and helps people build confidence to become better plant parents and nurture more advanced plants. We believe in tree therapy for city dwellers and plant parents everywhere. 



Bella’s Bloom is a handmade, floral home decor shop based in Jersey City. Created by twin sisters, Sarabella and Jasmine. We also have a stationery line under Letterati Co. that showcase Jessica Lin's unique expressive typography.

In 2020, we've redirected a large part of our business to charitable causes. Besides selling stationery, air plants and planters, and DIY terrarium kits, we are also selling reusable antimicrobial face masks. All profits from mask sales are donated back to charity in the form of masks given to shelters, food banks, and other similar organizations helping those most in need. We also fundraised with donors to directly fund these mask donations. Since we started the project in April 2020, we've donated over 11,400 masks to over 24 charitable organizations. Aside from our COVID-19 efforts, 25% of all our profits go to support charities we care about, both local and global – from monthly donations of food/supplies for shelters and food banks near us, to contributions to organizations funding cancer research.


In my search for timeless pieces to decorate my house, I found many products on the market that either didn’t meet my quality standards or were cost prohibitive. So I employed the help of my twin sister Jasmine, product developer extraordinaire, to help me create unique products without breaking the bank.

What began as a simple hobby, to alleviate stress, soon turned into a full-fledged shop.  As each custom terrarium and planter was made, more people enquired about customized gifts for birthdays, weddings, holidays, and corporate events. Realizing there is a lot of interest in beautifully made yet affordable home decor, we've created Bella’s Bloom because nature truly never goes out of style.


Our main goal is to create a business that truly supports our community and fight for issues that matter. We want to help be the voice that reduces proverty, inequality, and injustice. Along the way, we also want to help people alleviate stress and anxiety, and improve their mental and physical health, through plant care; and to encourage everyone to be more environmentally-conscious.



We believe it's important to give back. Every order helps us improve the lives of those less fortunate and protect front-line workers. Aside from our COVID-19 mask efforts, 25% of all our profits go to support charities we care about.