Don't forget to VOTE early!! If you live in Jersey City, we are required to vote by mail. Please vote early to help ensure that the USPS is not overwhelmed at the last minute.


"It's not just voters and people who like to send letters who rely on the USPS. It's also senior citizens who need their medication and low-income people who depend on low-cost mailing and banking options. The USPS can even be a lifeline for homeless people who count on social services."

"The history of the post office is nothing less than the story of America. Of the nation’s founding institutions, it is the least appreciated or studied, and yet for a very long time was the U.S. government’s major endeavor.




Since 1775, the post has responded to the nation’s changing needs—indeed, the institution’s advances had often helped precipitate them—but crises and budget-driven policy decisions have gradually, almost imperceptibly, erased America’s collective memory of what this dynamic institution has been and could still be. The people and their elected representatives, who must soon decide the post’s future, now know very little about the institution, past or present. It is time for Americans to learn more, particularly about the post’s modern history.  Restoring the record of how the post made us the people that we are is important, both for this misunderstood, underappreciated institution and for the insights into American history and current affairs that it provides. These recurrent themes include the respective merits of public service and private enterprise, the limits of federal power and states’ rights, the rewards of public-private collaboration, the fruits of bipartisanship, the value of civic institutions, and the nation’s regional and political polarization. The post deserves the effort to remember, because just as the founders had envisioned, it created America."




The ongoing headaches of operating an online shop! 😩😠 Last month, I lowered shipping cost to actually included prices for first class shipping with USPS. If you ordered from us before, you'd noticed that I always use priority mail to prevent harm to the air plants.



The USPS postmaster general, Louis DeJoy, appointed by president Trump, has made some changes which could cause potential delays. 

USPS is reassigning or displacing 23 postal executives including the two top officials who oversee day-to-day operations. The agency is also implementing a management hiring freeze and will request volunteers for early retirements.


This means that first class mail could be delayed (for weeks) so Bella’s Bloom will be shipping everything plant-related priority mail to prevent damage to the air plants. We adjusted shipping cost to reflect this change. We apologize if this makes anyone unhappy.