Thank you for your support! Thank you to our amazing donors for their generous contributions. Every dollar counts towards protecting those on the front line and those who need it most!

As an update, we have donated 6450 masks to the community. This month alone, 2250 masks were donated to:

  • Lenox Hill Hospital (50) - making personalized masks for nurses and staff as part of their art therapy program.

  • Made in NYC to Playground Coffeeshop (150) - creating safety kits to protect protesters who are demonstrating their constitutional rights in support of Black Lives Matter.

  • Food Bank of NYC (400) - procures and distributes food to a network of approximately 1,000 food assistance programs citywide and have provided nearly 21 million meals since March.

  • The Bowery Mission (200) - fights homelessness, hunger, and poverty since 1870 and have provided over 100,000 meals since March.

  • Upper Manhattan Mutual Aid (200) - formerly Not Me, UES

  • The Campaign Against Hunger (500)

  • God’s Love We Deliver (300)

  • CityMeals on Wheel (250)

  • Hoboken Shelter (50)

  • St. Matthew Trinity Lutheran Church (50)

  • Grace Community Service (100)

Please help us make a difference by spreading the word.