In the past 3 weeks, we have donated 2100 masks to the following organization:

  • St. Matthew Trinity Lutheran Church (100) - operates a Lunchtime Ministry that feeds around 65 people 4 days a week.

  • Grace Community Service (100) - while the senior center is closed, they provide breakfast every weekend to feed those in need.

  • The Campaign Against Hunger (500) - a food bank operating out of Brooklyn which has served over 4 million meals since the shutdown.

  • CityMeals on Wheel (400) - provides meals and companionship to NYC’s home-bound elderly.

  • God’s Love We Deliver (300) - prepares and delivers nutritious meals to people who, because of their illness (i.e. HIV/AIDS, cancer, etc.), are unable to provide or prepare meals for themselves. They have provided over 2 million meals since July 2019.

  • Food Bank of NYC (400) - procures and distributes food to a network of approximately 1,000 food assistance programs citywide and have provided nearly 21 million meals since March.

  • HousingPlus NYC (300) - supports women and children in crisis and houses over 200 women and children.

Besides seeking out mask donors, selling antimicrobial masks for charity, we also work with individuals and organizations to provide masks at affordable price (base cost). This week we supplies masks to:

  • Fraternite Notre Dame, Mary of Nazareth House (100). We worked with Patricia Costello with God’s Love We Deliver to provide masks to a group of nuns that operate a soup kitchen/pantry in Spanish Harlem for those in need.

  • Brooklyn Botanical Garden (500). We worked with the Director of Security Services at Brooklyn Botanical Garden to provide essential staffs protection.

Thank you for your support! Thank you to our mask donors for making this possible! Every dollar counts towards protecting those on the front line and those who need it most!

♥ As of today, we have provided 9150 masks to 23 charitable organizations. Please help us make a difference by spreading the word.