Thank you for your support! Thank you to our amazing donors for their generous contributions. Every dollar counts towards protecting those on the front line and those who need it most!

As an update, we have donated 4200 masks to the community. The masks were donated to:

  • Dr. Gonzales (30) - Dr.Gonzales runs the COVID-19 testing sites in Jersey City.

  • Hope House Shelter (50) - a family emergency shelter for women and children, housing 50 people.

  • St. Lucy’s Emergency Shelter (150) - houses over 80 people and geared towards single individuals.

  • Hoboken Shelter (300) - houses 50 people and feeds over 300 people daily.

  • St. Matthew Trinity Lutheran Church (400) - operates a Lunchtime Ministry that feeds around 65 people 4 days a week.

  • Grace Community Service (700) - while the senior center is closed, they provide breakfast every weekend to feed those in need.

  • James Solomon (250) - our councilman and his office is distributing the masks to seniors in our city.

  • The Campaign Against Hunger (450) - a food bank operating out of Brooklyn which has served over 4 million meals since the shutdown.

  • Brooklyn Botanical Garden (200) - while BBG is closed, their essential staff are still working to maintain the Garden and facilities.

  • City Harvest (400) - NYC’s largest food rescue organization, they help feed nearly 1.2 million struggling New Yorkers.

  • Volunteers of America Greater New York (200) - an undisclosed location feeds and houses over 150 men, women, and children who are victims of domestic violence.

  • GrowNYC (200) - while many of their educational and sustainability programs are on hold, they continue to provide local farmers with a market to sell their produce as many have suffered along with the restaurant industry.

  • CityMeals on Wheel (250) - provides meals and companionship to NYC’s home-bound elderly.

  • Henry Street Settlement (100) - a 126-year-old organization serving largely Asian and Hispanic communities, providing mental-health clinics, shelters for battered women, day-care centers, etc.

  • God’s Love We Deliver (300) - prepares and delivers nutritious meals to people who, because of their illness (i.e. HIV/AIDS, cancer, etc.), are unable to provide or prepare meals for themselves. They have provided over 2 million meals since July 2019.

  • Invisible Hands, Not Me, UES (200) - focuses on getting groceries and preparing pre-packaged meals for homeless people.

  • Jersey City Post Office (20)

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